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  • 1932 one-of-a-kind SELMER Super Sax Alto Saxophone – Cigar Cutter, silver-plated with gold-washed bell, 17xxx

    Even though the foundation of our Legendary Saxophones Collection comprises a stock of Balanced Action, Super Action and Mark VI architypes, we are nonetheless occasionally thrilled to host enriching guests like Cigar Cutter or Radio Improved, to name but two examples from the SELMER family.

    This SELMER Super Sax “Cigar Cutter” Alto Saxophone is among the most beautiful Saxophones I’ve ever seen up to now – and I’ve seen quite a few …

    It was built in 1932 – ninety years later it was refurbished with loving care. The owner – Frank Roberscheuten (www.frankroberscheuten.com) – known as the “Keeper of the flame” for his decades of engagement for traditional Jazz – had it renovated in the USA by Marc Aronson. Marc Aronson has been known since the 1980s for his excellent Saxophone restorations. He did a wonderful job of giving the Cigar Cutter a new silver-plating: body, bow and bell received in large part a matt silvering, the inside of the floral handcrafted gravure a shiny silvering, the mechanics as well. The interior of the bell was given a gold-plating.

    The mechanics were reworked throughout, and when played, this fantastic Alto feels almost like a modern SELMER. Marc Aronson, who is also known for his expertise in improving Saxophone intonation, also made sure to optimize its intonation when he refurbished this Cigar Cutter.

    We are selling this truly unique Cigar Cutter Alto Saxophone on behalf of Frank Roberscheuten.

    And we are pleased to cordially invite you to try this superb Alto out after agreeing on an appointment. We look forward to your visit.



    Alto Saxophone




    SELMER Super Sax – Cigar Cutter




    gold plated, silver plated


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