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  • **Just sold** 1933 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Super Sax „Cigar Cutter” with engraving – 1 of 180! – 18xxx

    Here we have a rare visitor to the circle of our Legendary Saxophones, because it is a Tenor Saxophone out of the SELMER Super Sax series from the 1930s. More specifically, it was made in 1933 and is a model that unofficially bore the name “Cigar Cutter”. This name comes from the octave mechanism that looks like a cigar cutter. This “Cigar Cutter” octave mechanism was installed mainly in the old Saxophones. The SELMER Tenor Saxophone offered here, however, is one of only approximately 180 “real” Cigar Cutter Tenor Saxophones that were built, recognizable by this octave mechanism.

    It is a rarity for us because our wide range of vintage SELMER Saxophones focuses mainly on the Balanced Action (BA), Super Action (SBA) and Mark VI models. Nevertheless, this is a welcome visitor who will certainly not have long to wait for its new owner since it is a really good Sax. Not only visually – its long-gone lacquer has given way to a beautiful natural patina – but also sonically: lovely mellow sound, dark timbre with good radiance.
    If you like, give it a try and compare it to some other Saxophones from our Legendary Saxophones family – maybe you’re the one this authentic Cigar Cutter is waiting for…

    Make an appointment to try out this or other SELMER Saxophones from our rich Legendary Saxophones Collection.
    Like all our Saxophones, you can also order this one via our Online Shop and return it within 14 days if you do not like it. Of course, you will then get the purchase price refunded.



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    SELMER Super Sax – Cigar Cutter




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