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  • 1944 SELMER Balanced Action Alto Saxophone, silver-plated with engraving, 31xxx

    The year is 1944. America is celebrating the rise of Bebop, even though it had already proven its innovative energy a few years earlier in the creative laboratories of New York City’s Harlem club scene. It must be said, however, that the musicians’ union boycott, the so-called Record Ban, delayed for a few years the full blossoming of this new branch of the previous century’s Jazz.

    Perhaps this historical background sheds a bit more light on the splendor my ears discern, because this fantastic SELMER Balanced Action Alto Saxophone carries the sound of the Bebop era deep in its pores. It exhibits properties worthy of the likes of both Sonny Stitt and the great Charlie Parker, the Bebop heroes par excellence. And yes, “Charly Parker with Strings” – this interesting recording – naturally comes to mind. You can almost hear the master himself, standing confidently before the orchestra preparing to launch into the chorus accompanied by the gently bowed strings of the string section.

    This exquisitely individual sound, old fashioned in a positive sense, poignantly expressive in every register, round, even spherical in tone, comes across indeed as extravagant. One feels oneself enveloped and caressed by a unique timbre that holds you spellbound as it fades into the ether.

    Equipped with the habitus as described, this Sax with its silver-plating is thoroughly in good shape. Noteworthy is also the very beautiful, completely intact gravure extending all the way into the left flank of the bell.

    This Balanced Action is no exception and is likely a direct hit for aficionados in search of the mainstream sound of yesteryear. Charly Parker might have even played it, and empty pockets landed it yet again in the city’s pawnshop. Who knows? At any rate, this Saxophone has a certain magic that is steeped in tradition. Its new sorcerer shouldn’t wait too long to come and try this Alto Saxophone out – the world can hardly await renewed enrichment from its enchanting sound.



    Alto Saxophone




    Balanced Action (BA)


    silver plated




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