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  • 1946 SELMER Balanced Action Alto Saxophone, silver-plated with gold-washed bell, 32xxx

    These Balanced Action Alto Saxophones, especially the silver-plated beauties, really made a big impression on me. It never ceases to surprise me how these beautiful instruments sound despite their easily three-quarters of a century and more years of age. They clearly have a lot in common with a good wine that, as is well known, improves with age.

    The gold-plated interior of the bell immediately struck my eye: really quite beautiful! It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around how imaginatively the instrument makers at SELMER designed their Saxophones, and they continue in this tried and tested tradition to this day. This includes again the typical touchpiece buttons made of Bakit (synthetic resin) which were sometimes used as an alternative to mother-of-pearl touchpiece buttons and confer this BA a distinctive look.

    The unique Sound of this Balanced Action Alto Saxophone, a Sound that inevitably calls the great Charly Mariano to mind, is characterized by a strong volume in the lower register that in ascending registers becomes bright and radiant. When the apparent warmth of an even-tempered Horn dominates the lower register, its upper register wafts with an open, clear, even razor-sharp breeze of resonant Sound. The response, also for the higher tones, is nothing less than overwhelming. We a dealing throughout every register of this instrument with a balanced, self-assured Horn that can sing, project expressive lyricism and in quiet passages maintain its strength of expression depending on the style of playing. When fast playing is on the order, the smooth fingering, fluid mechanics, the participation bonus innate in the Instrument, are all a source of joy.

    Now, alas, the time has come for me to return this lovely Instrument to our Showroom; but I don’t think it will be there for very long at all, because the one who discovers it will have found a Balanced Action Alto Saxophone that is expressive from top to bottom and whose unique Sound is crystal clear up high, full down low, diligent in teamwork and targeted in workflow. Add to that the gold-washed bell interior that represents another memorable moment alongside those already touched on and those yet to be discovered. So there you have it: Adventure awaits, and only the brave find their way!




    Alto Saxophone




    Balanced Action (BA)


    silver plated




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