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  • 1954 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, solver-plated with “House on the Lake” engraving, 58xxx

    1954 was the year the famous “SELMER Mark VI” was officially introduced, undoubtedly the most famous Saxophone by far. This beautiful exemplar is one of the Mark VI Alto Saxophones that was built very early, manufactured around the first half of 1954.

    Mark VI models of this early make have become ever more rare and more difficult to find. Whoever can call one his own is hardly likely to give it up, hence the early Mark VI models have become rarer and rarer.

    And on top of that, finding an exemplar as lovely as this one is like finding “a needle in a haystack”! At any rate, we are very happy to be able to feature such an attractive and rare Mark VI in our Legendary Saxophone Collection!

    We have just refurbished this superb Mark VI Alto in our SAXOPHONIC Workshop and subjected it to nothing less than our SAXOPHONIC Premium General Overhaul. High-grade CHANU pads with Inox rivetless metal resonators, reworked mechanics with Inox outsize shafts, new springs, top-grade key stops and Setup for professional demands assure wonderful playing facility, and will enable its new owner to elicit the most beautiful tones ever from this charming little Horn…

    When upon completing my work, I played the Horn for the first time, it reminded me of my own beloved Mark VI Alto (serial number 65854, that was unfortunately stolen in a burglary in 2015). Since then, I have been unable to find a Mark VI Alto equal to it in timbre, dynamics and radiance. But lo and behold! This 1945 Alto easily holds its own with mine: a beautifully full, round tone with delicate, exquisite overtones and an easily dosed radiance that is not overly dominant. The intonation is truly fantastic. Played with an authentic SELMER soloist “E” commensurate with its production year, there are no gross discrepancies from low Bb to high F. I set the key risers of the palm keys a bit closer because the upper range of the short-bow Mark VI Alto intones slightly sharp.

    Not only sound-wise, but optically as well is this fine Mark VI Alto Sax a splendor to behold: the original silver-plating is still nicely intact. The signs or wear here and there only serve to bear witness to its almost 70 years of service (it would be a shame if this superb Horn had been hardly played!). Bow and bell have survived all the years undamaged; neither body, bow/bell nor neck exhibit any major damages. The silver-plating on the bell is slightly scratched (likely from a Saxophone stand). Its optical appeal is rounded off by the lovely gravure: floral motifs have been engraved around a small image portraying a house on a lake with mountains in the background. We call these types of SELMER engravings “landscape gravures”—all of them are somehow unique, sometimes with a forest and hut, other times a view on a lake, etc. Apparently, the engravers at SELMER are given free rein to express their imaginations.

    Might this Sax be calling to you? Feel free to contact us, make an appointment to come and compare this Sax with other Alto Saxophones from our Legendary Saxophones Collection. You can also arrange an Online Support session where we show you this model and others out of our expansive inventory.

    We look forward to making your acquaintance!



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