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  • **just sold** 1954 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Mark VI, silver-plated with engraving, 57xxx

    As one of the first Saxophones from the Mark VI series production, this Tenor Saxophone was manufactured in the SELMER manufactory in Mantes la Ville. Early SELMER Mark VI models are extremely popular and sought after, the older, the rarer. This Tenor Saxophone from the 57-thousand series was produced in the first year of production in 1954.

    Despite its venerable age of almost 70 years, it is bursting with joie de vivre! You can see that with your own eyes and, above all, you can hear it. The silver plating is still almost completely preserved, and the beautiful floral hand engraving on the cup and bow comes into its own. This Mark VI Tenor Sax has apparently not suffered any major damage during its lifetime.

    We acquired the Saxophone already overhauled and fine-tuned it again in our SAXOPHONIC workshop.

    But now to the essentials: this 1954 Mark VI Tenor Saxophone sings and vibrates wonderfully! The good response allows you as a player to focus on expressiveness in your music. The homogeneity typical of Mark VI can be heard and felt, as can the tone core typical of Mark VI, which intertwines with a fine overtone structure to creates a pleasant sound spectrum.

    A wonderful SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone from the first year of production, and one that is very versatile: smooth jazz ballads, big band, funk. At the end of the day, as a player, you’re the one putting your energy into it. And this special Mark VI goes right along with you….

    Feel free to contact us and make an appointment to play and compare it with other SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophones from our sumptuous SELMER buffet!
    Or order it via our Online Shop and test in your familiar spaces whether this Horn is a match for you.



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