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  • 1955 SELMER Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with engraving, Player’s Horn, 59xxx

    As one of the first Saxophones produced in the Mark VI series, this Tenor Saxophone was made in the SELMER manufactory In Mantes la Ville. Early SELMER Mark VI models are extremely popular and sought-after, the older, the rarer. Production of these 59xxx Tenor Saxophones was begun in 1954 and completed at the beginning of 1955 after the winter break. Fully assembled and embellished with a lovely gravure on bell and bow, it was shipped in June 1955 to its sister-factory in London and there lacquered and finished.

    But now to the essentials: this Mark VI Tenor Saxophone was played professionally in the last decades, something that has substantially influenced its sound, response, radiance and optics as well.

    And the influence has been absolutely positive because this is a player’s Horn par excellence: Just blow into it and it’s immediately there for you, full of presence and real power, pulling you constantly forward, tickling the sound out of you as if to say: Give me air, I want to sing!

    And that’s what it does: it sings really wonderfully! It can exert power for sure, but it can also do other things: smooth, airy playing à la Stan Getz is as easy to realize as rhythmical Funk or robust Pop sounds! You have the feeling that this Mark VI Tenor Sax has no limits, it shies away from nothing, it simply goes with the flow, on and on!

    An extraordinary Mark VI Tenor looking for an extraordinary player.

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