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  • 1956 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophne, US version, player’s horn

    66 years-old and still going strong…

    “…this special radiance, this Horn has charisma…” is what I said when I held this Mark VI Tenor Saxophone in my hands for the first time. It emanates that certain something that I often sense when handling a Mark VI that was already much-played: they have this certain look, you can see that this Saxophone has surely gifted its sound to innumerable audiences from countless stages in Jazz bars all around the world.

    And so it is with this early Mark VI Tenor Saxophone as well. The –possibly original– lacquer, although already quite eroded, still peeps through here and there, and the mixture of aged lacquer and patina clearly show that this Horn has really been liberated.

    And nothing could be more true! It starts-up like a charm and carries me right along when playing, it is a veritable steam hammer, 66 years-old and still going strong! But can it also be soft and sensitive? Absolutely! When I go there, it follows! Simply wonderful!

    Produced in 1956 with affectionate workmanship by the SELMER Instrument makers in Mantes la Ville near Paris, it was shipped in its raw form — i.e., in pieces, without springs, without pads and without lacquer and gravure — to its SELMER sister factory in Elkhart, Indiana, USA and there «assembled», i.e., put together, lacquered and engraved. There is where it spent most of its meanwhile 66 years of existence before finding its way into our Legendary Saxophones Collection.

    We haven’t yet overhauled this Sax because it plays superbly in its present condition. The pads are not new, but still cover appropriately, the mechanics are still nicely intact and exhibit no overly excessive play. An overhaul at the present time is not necessary.

    This Mark VI comes with its own unique personality, and if it appeals to you, you should make trying out this special Sax an imperative!

    We’re looking forward to your visit. When you come, you’ll be able to play and gauge the Horn described here against many more lovely SELMER Mark VI, Balanced Action or Super Action Saxophones from our «Legendary Saxophones Collection»! Or order it in our Online Shop and test it at your leisure in your familiar spaces.




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