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  • 1957 SELMER Mark VI, US version, 72xxx

    In 1957 this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone was manufactured in the SELMER workshops in Mantes la Ville near Paris and shipped in individual parts to Elkhart, Indiana, USA to be completed in the SELMER factory there. This SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone was relacquered a long time ago and the lacquer has darkened quite nicely. You don’t really see its 65 years-of-age. The lovely floral US engraving is still beautifully visible and slightly patinated, which contributes to a beautiful “vintage look.”

    The Saxophone is in perfect technical condition and you can immediately put it into action. If you play it for the first time, it holds back slightly and wants to be shaken awake. But when you apply a little more pressure and challenge it, a nice volume develops and fills the room. It is simply a joy to hold an instrument like this in your hands, or better yet, to wear it on your thumb. The sound is expressive, maintains its quality across every register and is sometimes reminiscent of the sound of the great John Coltrane.

    When attempting a bolder approach, this Mark VI Tenor Saxophone turns out to be very cooperative, i.e., funkier tones with an edgy sound can be conjured up with little effort at all.

    All in all, a Saxophone with lots of depth and a broad spectrum of deployment possibilities. There’s quite a bit of substance reverberating in your hands here!

    You can find out if it’s the right Saxophone for you – all you have to do is make an appointment with us and compare this 1957 Mark VI with other SELMER Saxophones from our Legendary Saxophones Collection. Like all our Saxophones, you can also order it alternatively via our Online Shop and try it out in peace at home; and you can return it within 14 days with a money-back guarantee.



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