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  • ***Just sold*** 1958 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, silver-plated, gold washed Bell, engraved, high F#, 72xxx

    It is always very nice when we know the history of a Saxophone. And we know it with this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone: it was produced in 1957 by Henri SELMER in Mantes la Ville near Paris. From there it was delivered on 28 January 1958 to the former SELMER dealership in Germany, the Jörgensen Company in Düsseldorf.

    Its first owner was the conductor of an orchestra near Münster, who chose this Saxophone among several SELMER Mark VI models. He used it daily for decades until he eventually went into a well-deserved retirement. The Saxophone remained in the orchestra’s inventory and, accordingly, likewise in retirement. It should be noted that heavily used, no longer new-looking instruments are not so interesting for most orchestras. They are required to look rather new and shine especially during marches on the street. So, one day it was decided to hang “the old can” over the orchestra’s cellar bar. And there, next to old dented brass instruments, is where this treasure was hung. But fortunately, only for a very short time, because a SELMER fan fittingly recognized the utility of what was hanging there and acquired this Mark VI.

    He had it overhauled and played it for a few years. Now it has come to us. And we, too, recognize the true greatness of this beautiful SELMER Tenor Saxophone. That’s why we are giving this beautiful Mark VI nothing less than a SAXOPHONIC Premium General Overhaul with a loving restoration. The sound with its charisma is promising, even if the Sax does not cover well at the moment and is seriously throttled with much too narrow key openings. Let’s wait until we have it ready, which will happen in February 2023…
    By the way: the photos are of how it looked before our SAXOPHONIC Premium Overhaul. Of course, there will also be new photos later.

    UPDATE: February 9, 2023: the Mark VI 72xxx is now ready, and what can I say? Well, it turned out really great. Of course, thanks to the SAXOPHONIC Premium overhaul, it plays wonderfully easily throughout all the registers, but what’s really great is that it can now show its true character again: with a beautiful belly down low and beautiful brilliance up high, it is beautifully centered thanks to the universally cherished homogeneity of its SELMER Mark VI sonoric core, and – depending on the playing style – it more or less generates dominance by virtue of its overtones. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime Mark VI that likes nothing more than to support multifaceted playing with lots of dynamics. Its rich cache of radiance and projection is only missing the right playing partner. Whether Jazz, Pop or Classical, this enchanting Horn is waiting … maybe for you?

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