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  • 1959 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with engraving, high F#, 83xxx

    A sound like velvet and silk…

    These are the words that spilled from my mouth when I played the Sax for the first time after fine-tuning it. My hometown Krefeld is known as the city like “velvet and silk,” so maybe that’s why associating these words with the sound of this 1959 Mark VI Tenors came so naturally: this tone, so warm, round and enwrapped in silk, simply evokes a pleasurable feeling in me. This dream Sax all but stokes your desire to play melodic ballads á la Stan Getz.

    Wrought in 1959 in the halls of the SELMER Works in Mantes la Ville near Paris, it was taken after production to the subsidiary factory in London for lacquering, engraving and final assembly for marketing in the “British Empire.” Over 60 years later it found its way to us…

    The attractive dark original lacquer is still largely intact, on the body interior the lacquer is partially abraded, the result of having been played held to the side. The Saxophone evidently never suffered serious damage, signs of repair like planishing or soldering are nowhere recognizable, only the neck evidenced a miniscule bruise that was all but removed.

    A Saxophone from this year of manufacture is extremely rare and is becoming rarer by the year! And a Horn like this, still in possession of its beautiful sound makes it truly an extraordinary Mark VI Tenor Sax … Indeed, a Sax like velvet and silk.

    Please feel free to test it in our rooms. We are looking forward to seeing you. Or order it from our online-shop if you prefer to play this special horn at home.




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