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  • 1963 SELMER Mark VI, lacquered, engraved, high F# – super nice!

    Shortly before the SELMER employees went on their well-deserved Christmas holidays in December 1963, this Mark VI Alto Saxophone was completed as one of the last of the 1963 production year. Gold lacquered and embellished with a hand engraving from the bell down to the bend, this Mark VI Alto Saxophone was really nice to look at back then. And today? As of this writing, today, it is still very beautiful to look at, as there are not very many SELMER Mark VI Saxophones left which are still a true splendor to behold. This beautiful Horn was treated very carefully throughout its life, and yet it nonetheless suffered a fall at some point in the past which damaged the bend. And today? Today it is still a treat for the eyes and a head-turner. Fortunately, we were able to get the bend back in good shape and the damage is barely visible. Only the reinforcing plate is still slightly deformed. But the lacquer in the bend area is also as good as unscathed. But apart from the fall, this Mark VI Alto has avoideded experiencing anything bad in its almost 60-year life span: body, neck and bell are in their original form – which is also not so common – and the original lacquer is almost completely preserved. There is a spot above the connecting ring between the bend and the body where the lacquer has slightly blossomed. All in all, this SELMER Alto still looks really good and even exudes a youthful, fresh charisma!

    Thanks to the SAXOPHONIC General Overhaul with high-quality CHANU pads with plastic resonators, this 112-thousand model Mark VI is technically flawless and, commensurately, plays wonderfully. With only minimal blowing pressure the machine is immediately up and running! And once you step on the gas, you immediately feel the power that wants to burst forth from this SELMER Alto Sax – there is a lot of potential here! Depending on the skill level of its new partner, this Mark VI can motivate you to play better or even ascend to higher levels.

    Its timbre is medium-dark, it has a nice overtone structure, opens up nicely when playing with more power, and is nice and mellow when blowing softer.

    Does it appeal to you? Then feel free to try it out. Make an appointment with us or order it via our Online Shop with a 14-day right of return. Maybe it will be your new playing partner!







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