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  • 1963 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, silver-plated with engraving, well maintained, in the original case, 110xxx

    Made in 1963, this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone (series no. 110xxx) was always well looked-after throughout its life. Apart from a slight damage in the bow, this almost 60-year-old SELMER has survived the time without major injuries. The first owner even had a beautifully decorated cover cloth made for the Saxophone which protects the Horn in its original – also very well preserved – case. This is also a testimony to the loving relationship the first owner had with his Saxophone!

    We received this Mark VI already overhauled, the pads are covered with plastic resonators. The Sax sounds wonderful with these resonators. Its beautiful, rather dark timbre, radiates effortlessly with fine brilliance and invites you to project every note with nobility.

    Now it’s just a matter of finding the right playing partner. Whether it’s you, I can’t say, but feel cordially welcomed to compare this and other beautiful SELMER Saxophones from our Legendary Saxophones Collection. Please make an appointment for this. We are looking forward to your visit!

    As an alternative, you can order this – as well as all our Saxophones – via our Online Shop and use the 14-day return policy for testing at your home. If you do not like this Saxophone, you simply send it back to us and we will refund the purchase price.



    Tenor Saxophone




    Mark VI


    silver plated




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