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  • 1964 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, silver-plated, 112xxx

    A fine, silver-plated Mark VI Tenor Saxophone is what I’m holding in my hands right now. Year of manufacture 1964 and nonetheless looking really good despite its 57 years. The silver-plating assuring its good condition over the years is at the same time a feast for the eyes. The few places where the silver-plating is worn by no means diminishes the lovely overall impression. The well-groomed condition of this Mark VI is partnered with a general overhaul. Hence, the stage is clear for an immediate launch into the universe of sound.

    The even-tempered overtone structure leads to a polished sound bathed in smokey warmth. Reliable in intonation even into the uppermost ranges, its core is substantial and remains stable throughout.

    With this Tenor Sax, the typical, centered Mark VI sound comes allied with wonderfully conventional mechanics that work smoothly, effortlessly facilitating every line and run.

    This Horn is a rock-solid, reliable partner whose warm sound and elegant silver cladding generate much playing-joy, which, in turn, quickly reaches the hearts of the listeners.

    But the most important element of all is you! If the two of you make a good fit, you will mutually reinforce one another. Feel free to arrange an appointment with us and compare this lovely Mark VI with many others in our Legendary-Saxophones collection. We look forward to meeting you!



    Tenor Saxophone






    Mark VI


    gold plated


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