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  • 1964 SELMER Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, laquered, gravure, high F#, 113xxx

    This almost 60 years old Mark VI Tenor Saxophone was built for the European market at the time. Equipped with high F# and the SELMER-typical handmade engraving on bell and bow, it is still in really good shape despite its age: the bow is still intact, the neck still has its original shape, the body as well. Yes, there are signs of use, such as scratches and minor soldering (e.g. the key guard of the side F# key has been re-soldered), but all in all the condition of this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone is good. Some time ago, the previous owner had it overhauled in France and we just had it fine-tuned in our SAXOPHONIC workshop and replaced the pads that didn’t cover very well. Now it runs perfectly.

    The 113thousand Mark VI Tenor Sax has a nice dark tone color and sounds nicely balanced across the entire register. Clean intonation and the nicely centered tone make this Mark VI a favorite, for instance, for swing, smooth jazz ballads or even classical music.

    Feel free to find out if it can become “your” Mark VI. You are welcome to visit us and compare this beautiful Saxophone with some other Mark VI from our Legendary Saxophones Collection.

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