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  • 1965 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, with engraving, 127xxx ***just sold!***

    Production of this Mark VI Alto Saxophone in the mid-1960s was done near Paris in Mantes la Ville. Gold lacquered and embellished with the typical SELMER flowers, the gravure is handcrafted. In its soon-to-be 60 years of existence this little Horn has seen quite a lot of playing: it bears the scars and scratches of its life with pride. And justifiably so in my opinion: it plays superbly, its intonation is balanced (long-bow Altos are often said to have poor intonation, which is something I cannot say!) and its core is solid yet pleasant.

    This Mark VI Alto Sax has not been overhauled, because subsequent to the fine-tuning given it in our SAXOPHONIC Workshop, it plays like a charm. The pads are no longer new and the Saxophone can surely use a general overhaul in the next 1-2 years. We are offering the purchaser of this Saxophone our SAXOPHONIC Overhaul at a special price of € 850 (instead of € 1,150) within a year of date of purchase.

    Should you wish to give it a try and compare it with many other Altos in our Legendary Saxophones Collection, feel free to get in touch and make an appointment with us. As an alternative, you can order this and any other of our Saxophones through our Online Shop and test it at your leisure in your familiar surroundings.

    ***the saxophon is just sold!***



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