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  • 1967 SELMER Paris Mark VI Alto Saxophone, Bi-color, 150xxx

    It was just 2 years ago that the Alto Saxophone production at Henri SELMER Paris was again converted to “long bow” (more about “short, medium, long bow”.) The production processes are already well coordinated when in 1967 this fine Mark VI Alto Saxophone was produced by SELMER’s proud instrument makers. It is a not so often produced “Bi-Color” model: the body with bow and bell along with the neck and key guards were polished and lacquered, the mechanics silver-plated, a special look for a special Saxophone because this Mark VI Alto sounds especially marvelous! Its lovely, typical Mark VI homogeneity, its full, round tone with beautifully centered core makes this Mark VI a special playing partner.

    Despite its 55 years of age, this Mark VI still looks really good: bow, bell, body and neck are undamaged; there are just a few corrosion spots and minor scratches, the lacquer is otherwise flawlessly intact, likewise the silver-plating on the mechanics. Everything speaks for the fact that this SELMER Alto was treated with care during its life.

    We have just given this Mark VI a general overhaul. The pads were equipped with plastic resonators which nicely enhance the rather darker timbre.

    Compare this beautiful Mark VI with other SELMER saxophones from our Legendary Saxophones Collection. We look forward to your visit!

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