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  • 1967’s SELMER Mark VI Tenorsaxophone “The Rocket”, with engraving, high-F#, 144xxx

    When we acquired this 1967 Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, I was very skeptical as to whether anything at all could still be done with this “picture of misery” – it really looked that bad: the Sax was so darkly tarnished, it could truly have spent the last decades in a dark cellar. The two patches used to mend the neck only served to accentuate the impression of wretchedness.

    Despite all of our misgivings, we disassembled the Mark VI completely, carefully cleaned (not polished – we didn’t want to alter the original material strength!) every element in order to maintain the original patina-look, straightened the body and mechanics and naturally gave it a general overhaul. We fitted it with our top-notch CHANU-pads with plastic resonators. We exchanged the neck for another original Mark VI neck.

    It was already a risk in itself to invest so much work in this “old can,” but … our investment was rewarded because this Mark VI Tenor has turned out to be a veritable rocket! A truly powerful Horn, one that can really radiate with great projection. And its nonetheless soft core makes for a beautiful blend that undergirds myriad styles of playing!

    Are you capable of steering “The Rocket”? You are cordially welcomed to stop by to see if it fits you, or simply order it over our Online Shop and test it at home!



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    Mark VI


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