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  • **Just sold** 1970 SELMER Mark VI Baritone Saxophone with engraving, low A, US version, 191xxx

    Every SELMER Mark VI Saxophone was produced at the SELMER manufactory in Mantes la Ville near Paris. Instruments earmarked for export were sent in an unfinished state – i.e., body with bow and bell, fitted neck and fitted mechanics – to the SELMER factory in London or to SELMER USA in Elkhart, Indiana. There, the Saxophones were brought to a finished state, that is to say, lacquered, engraved and assembled. The lacquer employed in those days by SELMER USA differed from the variety used in Europe, and this had an effect on the optics as well as the sound. The sound of the US models is different from the European exemplars – and I’m careful here to emphasize that “different” does not mean better or worse than. Ultimately, every Mark VI is unique, and what matters is that the unique Saxophone finds its way to the – likewise unique – person.

    Now to this Mark VI Baritone Saxophone equipped with low A. That fact that it is a “Player’s Horn” is plain to see. It was played a lot, the lacquer is already quite worn, the bow was repaired in the past (a respectable piece of workmanship) and a few places have been re-soldered. The pads are new; the Saxophone came to us overhauled.

    This Sax is a genuine steam hammer, starts off pretty well, and its life experience is reflected in its special Sound.

    Are you that special playing-partner for this special Mark VI Bari Sax?

    Feel free to make an appointment, or order it in our Online Shop and test it at your leisure in your private space …



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