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  • 1972 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, high F#, 204xxx

    This Mark VI is from the early 70s. The flower-power generation is over the hill – Miles Davis, the Godfather of Jazz, has conjured up his Bitches Brew album heralding in trailblazing fashion a new era coined Fusion or also Jazz-rock. The moment for this Mark VI to step onto the world stage has arrived. The likes of a Bill Evans may have once played it with Miles – that is entirely possible. At any rate, this Sax has a sound that somehow easily reflects the Fusion genre.

    Its exterior still radiates the first flush of youth, apart from a few scratches in the lacquer near the bow. Like many of the later Mark VI Tenors, this superb exemplar is fitted with a high F#. Its typical Mark VI sound is impressive with an expanded harmonics spectrum that affords the Sax a crisp sound. On the way up, it becomes increasingly penetrating with its abundant store of radiant power. Typical of Mark VI, it has a good deal of projection, that is to say, the carrying power of the note doesn’t stop at the end of the bell – the focal power of this series is absolutely guarantied.

    This Tenor is a Saxophone with a somewhat fat sound that is perfectly at home earning its laurels in the abovementioned genre. On the other hand, as a classic Mark VI, it can naturally hang its hat any and everywhere. Flexibility resides firmly in this fine piece of workmanship. What’s clear is that with this “young savage” at the starting line, your musical expression will everywhere fall on receptive ears!

    At the end of the day though, it is you, the player with your personal sound that counts. If you meld seamlessly with this Mark VI, you will reinforce each other mutually! This is something clearly audible … and palpable.

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