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  • 1973 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone with engraving, high F#, overhauled, 217xxx

    When the production of the Mark VI was in full swing at the beginning of the 1970s, this Mark VI Alto Saxophone was also born at the SELMER factory in Mantes la Ville near Paris. In 1973 it was completed and ready for delivery: as a lacquered version, it was equipped with high F# and embellished with the engraving on the bell and knee – typical for SELMER at the time – which enhances it accordingly.

    Optically, this SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone is still very much up to par: there are a few traces of lacquer on some keys, a key guard bracket on the bell was obviously re-soldered earlier, and the lacquer is no longer present; the neck used to have a pickup that was soldered shut. The lacquer there is absent as well.

    Technically, the Horn is flawless, because we have just overhauled it. With the previously installed plastic resonators, it was able to develop sufficient overtones, and that is why our choice again fell on plastic when selecting the resonators.

    The mechanics are running wonderfully after the SAXOPHONIC overhaul and the entire range responds admirably. A lot of warmth is on hand in the depths, and more and more overtones are added the higher you play. This fine Horn develops a lot of radiance when played with power, so that it can assert itself accordingly, for instance, in the big band. But this Mark VI is not only suitable for the Big Band: it can do Pop, Funk/Jazz or even Classical music as well. At the end of the day, it’s all about the partnered player…

    Maybe you are the one to match-up with this Mark VI Alto! You are very welcome to try it out. Feel free to contact us for an appointment in our test rooms and compare this SELMER Mark VI with other SELMER Saxophones from our Legendary Saxophones Collection.

    Or order it via our Online Shop and try it out at your own home.



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