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  • 1973 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Paris Mark VI with engraving, high-F#, 212xxx

    According to the official SELMER list, this Mark VI was built in the last year of this legendary series, which means that the concentrated expertise of entire decades has flowed together here. Although exemplars of this Mark VI were still being built in the 70s, its successor, the Mark VII, was already a regular part of SELMER’s inventory.

    Its external appearance shows the Horn to be gold lacquer and predominantly well preserved with patinated spots. The somewhat diminished in luster of the bell in turn serves to provide a charming contrast to the overall picture. Both of the D and F palm keys have been doubled, probably to achieve better grip and accessibility, but can be removed without effort if need be.

    The rather dark sound of this Mark VI captivates from the outset and is reminiscent of smoky jazz clubs, candlelight dinners and gentle ballads. With its strikingly good projection, it also has enough power for more voluminous passages. All in all, a pleasantly flexible Mark VI, which gives the player a lot of pleasure in its variety of sounds and quickly makes it a sought-after playing partner with its warmth.
    It’s great to see that even after so many years of Mark VI production, SELMER Paris has steadfastly maintained this quality and unmistakable sound into the last year of production of this series. Chapeau!

    Please feel free to try this legendary Mark VI out in our rooms. If it is yours, you will hear it. You will feel it.

    Just arrange for a date with us – or order it from our shop, if you prefer to test it in the comfort of your home.



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