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  • **just sold** 1975 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, high F#, 237xxx

    A 237-thousand series Mark VI? Yes, there is such a thing. And it is an authentic Mark VI that was built in 1975. (You can find more info on model years/serial numbers under “Things to know”…) And on top of that, this Sax is one of the rare Bi-Color models (lacquered body, bow, bell and neck with silver-plated mechanics), recently overhauled and technically impeccable; the original lacquer is still pretty much intact (a few large places on the bell and body are worn); the neck, however, is all but absent from the neck and already exhibits a dark patina. The silver-plating on the mechanics is still almost fully in place and is likewise somewhat patinated.

    Like most of the later Mark VI Altos, this one too is equipped with a high F#. The sound: this Alto has clout. Although the pads were fitted with plastic resonators during the overhaul, overtones abound. I would describe the character of this little horn as dynamic with a certain dominance. For Big-Band soloists who need to distinguish themselves from the other players, this Alto is the right one.

    Does it fit with you? Give it a try… Feel free to visit us to try it in our rooms or order it from our online shop, if you prefer to test it in the comfort of your home.




    Alto Saxophone




    Mark VI




    Bi-Color, laquered


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