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  • 1974 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with engraving, high F#, 227xxx

    The year is 1974, Germany becomes soccer world champion for the 2nd time and SELMER now releases – as successor of the Mark VI – the further developed Mark VII. Still in production after a good 20 years, the orders for Mark VI received by SELMER are still manufactured into 1975 parallel to the production of the Mark VII. It was in the summer of ’74 that the workshops of SELMER in Mantes-la-Ville rolled-out this Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, lacquered in gold and equipped with the typical SELMER hand engraving and a high F# mechanism.

    The state of the Saxophone’s lacquer, which is still its original, is still quite good, although the Sax has probably already been through a lot. Here and there you can see damage that was repaired in earlier times. We got this SELMER Tenor Saxophone already overhauled and equipped with high quality Pisoni PRO pads with plastic resonators. The mechanics run without backlash and the spring tension is still wonderfully strong. The neck has maintained its original form – it used to have a pickup that was removed and soldered.

    The sound is expansive, powerful and equipped with a sufficient portion of brilliance. Its abundance of radiance allows this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone to be the right partner for any number of genres.

    Make an appointment with us! Then you can try out and compare this Mark VI with many other SELMER Saxophones from our rich Saxophone buffet and find “your” Mark VI, the Sax that suits your personal taste.
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