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  • 1975 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, high F#, 236xxx

    There are always people who ask us whether a SELMER Saxophone with a serial number over 220800 is still a Mark VI, because the Mark VII has been listed in the official serial number list of SELMER since 1974. It is important to know, however, that although the Mark VII was released in 1974, it had already been in production since 1973 and that the current Mark VI orders were still produced in parallel, until from 1976 only Mark VI Tenor and Alto Saxophones were manufactured by SELMER. More info in this regard…

    The SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone described here was manufactured in the first quarter of 1975 and is a reliable Tenor Saxophone with a powerful sound. With presence, power and volume, it emerges onstage from behind the curtain and cuts immediately to the chase, no warm-up phase necessary, evenly keeled from the start, it takes firm hold of each note, ascends and descends, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, and then lands in the low register conjuring up a warm sonorities that sooth the listeners’ hearts. A Sonny Rollins would really enjoy it, because he likes powerful Mark VI Tenor Saxophones.

    The voluminous sound generates a strong projection that brings the entire hall into sympathetic resonance up to the back rows. We are dealing here with a formidable partner who gets down to business with puffed out chest and straight talk, does not hide and is ready to launch his clear tone with all its facets into the ether!

    This SELMER Mark VI 236xxx is in really good condition. The original lacquer is still largely intact. There are traces of use here and there, but with no blame attached – this Horn is now almost 50 years old, completely overhauled and in commensurately flawless technical condition. So, if you prefer a powerful, self-assured sound, and also want to wield quiet, warm tones, you are really well-served this SELMER Mark VI.

    But at the end of the day, these are all just my personal feelings about playing this 1975 Mark VI. It is important that you find the right SELMER Mark VI for you. And for this we offer you the world’s largest range of SELMER Vintage Saxophones, so you can choose from a wide assortment of like models the SELMER Saxophone that suits you best! We are looking forward to your visit!



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