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  • ***just sold!***1977 SELMER Mark VI Baritone Saxophone with engraving, low A, 266xxx

    SELMER Mark VI Baritone Saxophone low A, lacquered, with gravure, 266xxx

    This SELMER Mark VI Bari Sax is in very good condition. The lacquer is still to the greatest possible extent intact. On the low Eb key, the bracket of the key guard was once soldered, and it is because of the soldering that lacquer is missing. The expansive gravure on the bell alone makes this Bari an attractive piece of craftmanship.

    This SELMER Bari strikes a good figure sound-wise as well: a beautiful, full tone that radiates homogeneously across every register as is expected from a Mark VI. Like most Mark VI Baritone Saxophones from our Legendary Saxophones Collection, this one too is equipped with a low A. The Bigband is calling…

    We have a steady inventory of ca. 8-10 SELMER Mark VI Baritone Saxophones in our Legendary Saxophones Collection on offer. Feel yourself cordially invited to pay us a visit and choose the Bari Sax that fits with you. Or order it in our Online Shop and test it in the relaxed atmosphere of your home.



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