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    SELMER Mark VI 71xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 71XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1957

    A very beautiful Mark VI Tenor Sax, vintage 1957, recently acquired. Body, bow/bell and neck were stripped in the past; the mechanics are still almost fully lacquered. The Sax was overhauled by its pr ...read more

    Price: € 8650,–

    SELMER Mark VI 175xxx, low-A

    Serial-Nr.: 175XXX · Bariton
    Year of manufacture: 1970

    And yet another superb SELMER Bari Sax Mark VI with low A: US model with the somewhat darker honey-colored lacquer that is largely absent and gives the Sax a patina that compliments its age. The expan ...read more

    Price: € 9400,–

    SELMER Mark VI 147xxx low-A

    Serial-Nr.: 147XXX · Bariton
    Year of manufacture: 1967

    An authentic "Players' Horn"… with the charm of a Jazz Saxophone! The original lacquer is half gone, but the lovely floral gravure on the bell is still clearly visible! Freshly overhauled with C ...read more

    Price: € 9480,–

    SELMER Mark VI 122xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 122XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1965

    This 1965 Mark VI tenor sax was really played a lot and, at the same time, well taken care of: It still has its original lacquer even though worn and chipped in places, all of which serve to give this ...read more

    Price: € 7680,–

    SELMER Mark VI 191xxx, high F#

    Serial-Nr.: 191XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1971

    1971 Mark VI Alto Saxophone in “Bi-Color” design. The body, bow, bell and neck are polished and clear-lacquered, the mechanics are silvered. This relatively rare combination makes this Sax somethi ...read more

    Price: € 6250,–

    SELMER Mark VI 91xxx, high F#

    Serial-Nr.: 91XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1961

    rare, exceptional, special: This 1961 Mark VI Tenor is and was fitted with supplementary trill keys: low D# trill, G# trill (we dismantled this one for ergonomic reasons), high D# trill and high F# ...read more

    Price: € 8150,–

    SELMER Mark VI 200xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 200XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1972

    This optically mint-condition 1972 Mark VI Tenor Saxophone has just been overhauled in our workshop. The original lacquering is pretty much 100% preserved, and the hand engraving stands out beautifull ...read more

    Price: € 7050,–