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    Available Saxophones

    SELMER Mark VI high-F#, 102xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 102XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1962

    a really good Mark VI Alto... here we have a 1962 Mark VI Alto Saxophone that is already equipped with a high F#. The Saxophone is completely without lacquer and has a wonderfully even patina. T ...read more

    Price: € 6500,–

    SELMER Super (Balanced) Action 34xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 34XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1947

    here’s something to tantalize your eyes and ears: this beautiful Super (Balanced) Action Tenor Saxophone is in the true sense of the word a feast for the eyes! Its dark, honey-colored original la ...read more

    Price: € 8950,–

    SELMER Super (Balanced) Action 35xxx Gold plated !

    Serial-Nr.: 35XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1947

    Wow! This SBA really gets it on... We just acquired this great Super (Balanced) Action Tenor Saxophone and fine-tuned it in our SAXOPHONIC workshop. I am genuinely impressed with the way this Horn ...read more

    Price: € 8300,–

    SELMER Mark VI 155xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 155XXX ·
    Year of manufacture: 1968

    1968 Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, US model with dark, honey-colored lacquer and engraving. The lacquer is no longer fully intact, but is something which in no way impedes the brilliance of this former pro ...read more

    Price: € 6750,–

    SELMER Mark VI 237xxx, high-F#

    Serial-Nr.: 237XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1975

    a 237-thousand series Mark VI??? Yes, there is such a thing. And it is an authentic Mark VI that was built in 1975. (You can find more info on model years/serial numbers under "Things to know"...) And ...read more

    Price: € 5680,–

    SELMER Super (Balanced) Action 36xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 36XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1948

    When first playing this vintage 1948er Super (Balanced) Action Tenor Saxophone, I felt like I was playing a Balanced Action: so much projection, such a strong yet soft tone – I was quite impressed! ...read more

    Price: € 8980,–

    SELMER Super Balanced Action, 53xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 53XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1953

    Already equipped with some of the features of the soon-to-be-launched Mark VI – like the single-piece low B/Bb key guard, emblem on the neck no longer lily-formed – this Super (Balanced) Action fr ...read more

    Price: € 8750,–

    SELMER Super (Balanced) Action 37xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 37XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1948

    The first Super (Balanced) Action Saxophone was built in 1948, the first Sax with a fingering arrangement that was sensible and ergonomic (more information on the differences in the series of models i ...read more

    Price: € 5550,–

    SELMER Balanced Action 32xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 32XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1946

    Built in 1946, the silver-plating is still up to ca. 95 % intact and the hand engraving on the bell and bow is clearly recognizable. This Alto is overhauled and consequently in a very good technica ...read more

    Price: € 4950,00

    SELMER Mark VI 191xxx, high F#

    Serial-Nr.: 191XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1971

    1971 Mark VI Alto Saxophone in “Bi-Color” design. The body, bow, bell and neck are polished and clear-lacquered, the mechanics are silvered. This relatively rare combination makes this Sax somethi ...read more

    Price: € 5600,–