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    SELMER Mark VI 115xxx, high-F#

    Serial-Nr.: 115XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1964

    This 1964 Mark VI Alto looks like it just came from the SELMER factory. Maybe that’s what it is, because the lacquer has been renewed with a perfection of craftmanship I only know from SELMER. I rea ...read more

    Price: € 6250,–

    SELMER Mark VI 191xxx, high F#

    Serial-Nr.: 191XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1971

    1971 Mark VI Alto Saxophone in “Bi-Color” design. The body, bow, bell and neck are polished and clear-lacquered, the mechanics are silvered. This relatively rare combination makes this Sax somethi ...read more

    Price: € 5950,–

    SELMER Mark VI 91xxx, high F# (!)

    Serial-Nr.: 91XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1961

    rare, exceptional, special: This 1961 Mark VI Tenor is and was fitted with supplementary trill keys: low D# trill, G# trill (we dismantled this one for ergonomic reasons), high D# trill and high F# ...read more

    Price: € 7580,–

    SELMER Mark VI 200xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 200XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1972

    This optically mint-condition 1972 Mark VI Tenor Saxophone has just been overhauled in our workshop. The original lacquering is pretty much 100% preserved, and the hand engraving stands out beautifull ...read more

    Price: € 6850,–

    SELMER Mark VI 122xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 122XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1965

    This 1965 Mark VI tenor sax was really played a lot and, at the same time, well taken care of: It still has its original lacquer even though worn and chipped in places, all of which serve to give this ...read more

    Price: € 7350,–

    SELMER Mark VI 70xxx, high-F#

    Serial-Nr.: 70XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1957

    Today I finished overhauling this very well-preserved Mark VI Alto Saxophone from 1957 and played it for the first time; and when I blew the first note I was struck with that "Wow"-feeling: This littl ...read more

    Price: € 6650,–

    SELMER Mark VI 85xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 85XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1960

    This Mark VI Tenor has already really been played quite a lot, and it is really, really good! This 1960 Mark VI Tenor Saxophone has just received a general overhaul, and it radiates a warm, round r ...read more

    Price: € 8680,–

    SELMER Mark VI,, high-F#, 195xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 195XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1971

    And yet another Mark VI tenor from the early 1970s:

    This is another of the horns we’ve overhauled: equipped with Prestini pads with metal resonators, its tone ra ...read more

    Price: € 6930,–

    SELMER Mark VI 214xxx high-F#

    Serial-Nr.: 214XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1973

    This Mark VI Tenor was produced in 1973 and still holds its own beautifully 45 years after its birth: its original lacquering is nearly one-hundred-percent intact and the floral engraving is pleasingl ...read more

    Price: € 5980,–

    SELMER Mark VI 238xxx, high F#

    Serial-Nr.: 238XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1975

    You’d almost think this Mark VI Tenor was fresh out of the SELMER factory. Only after close scrutiny do you notice any slight traces of use (light scratches on the body). The original lacquer is spo ...read more

    Price: € 6100,–