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    1961 SELMER Mark VI, high-F#-Key, 94xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 94XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1961

    Like all Saxophones of the traditional manufacturer Henri SELMER Paris, this Mark VI Tenor Saxophone was produced in Mantes la Ville near Paris. Made in 1961, the SELMER workforce fitted it with the high F# key and embellished it with a hand-carved gravure on bell and bow.

    Valuable like all SELMER Saxophones, this exemplar, despite its 60 years of existence, is not only far from being an old-timer, the myriad tones it has generated throughout the years makes it the sonoric superior of most modern Saxophones.

    Just overhauled by us (September 2021), it is technically flawless. We decided to equip it with high-quality CHANU pads with Inox metal resonators without rivets, a good choice, because this Mark VI develops thereby its full radiant power without overshooting the mark. It can indeed be dominant if, for instance, it has to assert itself as a solo Sax in a big-band, but it can also master soft, intricate tones. In the lower register it exhibits substantial guts, and its warm temperament is clearly discernable.

    A particularly versatile Mark VI Tenor from the start of the 1960s with powerful radiance! Is it the one for you? Give it a try and make an appointment to compare this Mark VI with others in our expansive SELMER collection. We can also introduce you to this and other Saxophones in an Online Appointment from our Digital Live Studio. Your visit would give us great pleasure, whether in person or over Zoom!

    (Current 3G Corona rules are in force at present.)


    Price: € 11450,–

    Selection and try-out only after prior appointment - see also *here*