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    1963 SELMER Mark VI 109xxx, silver plated – wonderful!

    Serial-Nr.: 109XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1963

    what a sheen…

    is sparkling here in my eyes! Here we have a really…really well-preserved Mark VI in silvered version. Manufactured with loving artisanship in 1963, this little Horn has all but maintained the sparkle of its first days on earth: the silver-plating is practically fully intact; this Saxophone must clearly never have been subjected to a major repair in its nearly 60 years of existence; there is only a miniscule indentation on the bow reinforcement, so small as to not have altered the bow’s form in any way.

    Not only is this Saxophone optically in great shape, it is technically impeccable as well: freshly overhauled and fine-tuned it is wonderfully easy to play, and it also radiates the tonal brilliance of its first day: lovely silky harmonics intertwine in a warm basic tone to create a decent brilliance that lends it a refined sophisticated edge. The lower ranges have a fullness that is somewhat tenor-like—I find it very pleasant—but at the end of the day, those are only my personal impressions ….

    To see if you might feel the same way, just stop by and compare it with many more of the beautiful SELMER Saxophones in our Legendary Saxophones collection.

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    Price: € 7500,–

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