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    SELMER Balanced Action 30xxx silver plated “The Racehorse”

    Serial-Nr.: 30XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1941

    At the beginning of the 1940s the silver-plated Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone was manufactured in the SELMER workshops in Mantes la Ville near Paris. All in all, this Sax is in really good condition, a fact which resolutely belies its 80 years of age. The silvering is still predominantly intact. We received the instrument overhauled, and we fine-tuned it in our SAXOPHONIC workshop: it is in impeccable technical shape.

    For fans of this series who value not only the sound but a neat appearance as well, this BA is definitely on the shortlist.

    No sooner than it’s in your hands it starts pawing the ground with its hoofs and champing at the bit, anxious to meet the challenge ahead. My scenario: This Sax is like a racehorse at the starting gate – the first to be off, and the first expected to cross the finish line.

    In other words, it cuts directly to the chase and meets no resistance at all in any register. No snags, no seizures to fear, and its long-winded perseverance is a joy to the rider … beg your pardon … player.

    This, of course, is as it should be with the sound one expects from a Balanced Action: round, warm and with an expansive sonority. The direct response is impressive from the first moment, and its full resonance shakes you to the core. Here, Sonny Rollins always comes to mind: He once said, most important of all is that the Sax has power and is loud. Well, this Sax wins on both counts!

    Speaking of racehorses: If you’re not careful, it can also get out of hand, because once given full rein, an irrepressible urge to move forward is unleashed. In such a case, the racetrack, or better, your fences will no longer be an obstacle, and the player will be up and gone.

    Might this Sax be your racehorse? Give it a try, and compare it with other SELMER Saxophones from our array of Legendary Saxophones.

    Our policy in Corona times (after the lockdown): Prearranged appointments only. This assures that only one customer at a time (3 persons maximum) is in our showroom at any given time. As is customary everywhere, it is mandatory to wear a mouth-nose mask. Saxophone playing is allowed only in one of our test rooms (where the mask can naturally be removed!). During and/or after playing, the windows will be opened to enable fresh air to circulate. All tested Saxophones will be disinfected by us and will remain 3 days in quarantine to eliminate any danger of infection.

    We are looking forward to your visit!

    Price: € 9150,–

    Selection and try-out only after prior appointment - see also *here*