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    SELMER Mark VI 212xxx, high-F#

    Serial-Nr.: 212XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1973

    special radiance, or how to project your inner-glow…

    This Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, made in 1973 when production of the Mark VI series had reached perfection, has a special radiance: maybe it’s the somewhat darkish lacquer reminiscent of gold-plating, or perhaps the extraordinary radiance generated by its tone, or maybe a combination of both? I can’t say with certainty, it’s just the feeling I get when I look at this Tenor Sax and play it.

    You can see that it’s been played a lot. What in my opinion is the original lacquer is only ca. 70% on hand, the engraving is still nicely discernible. The Horn is otherwise in good condition: it has no dents or bruises, only a bracket for a key-guard was re-soldered once in the past.

    The Sax is in good technical condition; the pads aren’t new but they are in a good shape.

    But now to the essential element, its sound: it is nicely centered around the middle, and its volume will surprise you. Ample warmth for Smooth Jazz, sufficient overtones for Funk and Pop and more than enough projection all make this 212-thousand Mark VI a special Tenor Saxophone…

    the Sax with radiance enough to express your own special glow!

    Price: € 6100,–

    Selection and try-out only after prior appointment - see also *here*