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    SELMER Mark VI 214xxx high-F#

    Serial-Nr.: 214XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1973

    This Mark VI Tenor was produced in 1973 and still holds its own beautifully 45 years after its birth: its original lacquering is nearly one-hundred-percent intact and the floral engraving is pleasingly recognizable. A few insignificant dents on the body diminish its otherwise very good condition. They can be eliminated in the next overhaul, which certainly won’t be due for another two years. The mechanics are in tip-top condition and run noiselessly; the pads are all still in order and cover appropriately.

    Its big tone is wonderfully balanced and the Sax is perfectly in-tune in every register. As with most “late” Mark VI models, this one, too, has the high F# key.

    Verdict: Excellent Mark VI Tenor with good looks and top-notch playing characteristics.

    Price: € 5980,–

    Selection and try-out only after prior appointment - see also *here*