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    SELMER Mark VI 237xxx, high-F#

    Serial-Nr.: 237XXX · Alt
    Year of manufacture: 1975

    a 237-thousand series Mark VI??? Yes, there is such a thing. And it is an authentic Mark VI that was built in 1975. (You can find more info on model years/serial numbers under “Things to know”…) And on top of that, this Sax is one of the rare Bi-Color models (lacquered body, bow, bell and neck with silver-plated mechanics), recently overhauled and technically impeccable; the original lacquer is still pretty much intact (a few large places on the bell and body are worn); the neck, however, is all but absent from the neck and already exhibits a dark patina. The silver-plating on the mechanics is still almost fully in place and is likewise somewhat patinated.

    Like most of the later Mark VI Altos, this one too is equipped with a high F#.

    The sound: this Alto has clout. Although the pads were fitted with plastic resonators during the overhaul, overtones abound. I would describe the character of this little horn as dynamic with a certain dominance. For Big-Band soloists who need to distinguish themselves from the other players, this Alto is the right one.

    Does it fit with you? Give it a try…

    Price: € 6100,–

    Selection and try-out only after prior appointment - see also *here*