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    Soprano Saxophones

    SELMER Mark VI Soprano 197xxx, high-F#

    Serial-Nr.: 197XXX · Sopran
    Year of manufacture: 1972

    November 2020 is when this Mark VI Soprano Saxophone came to us. It was manufactured in 1972 (Serial No. 197xxx) and is still in great shape. The lacquer is still for the most part intact and has part ...read more

    Price: € 5330,–

    SELMER Mark VI Soprano 191xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 191XXX · Sopran
    Year of manufacture: 1971

    Here we have a 1971 Mark VI Soprano Saxophone that we just overhauled. The Saxophone was played quite a bit in its 50 years of existence, its lacquer is already gone in places. On the whole, though, t ...read more

    Price: € 5080,–