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    Tenor Saxophones

    1969’s Mark VI 168xxx, silver-plated

    Serial-Nr.: 168XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1969

    Yet another superb unit from the family of silverlings, whereby the focus here is naturally on a classic silver-plated Mark VI in its most attractive issue. Its performance is impressive owing to its ...read more

    Price: € 7950,–

    SELMER Mark VI 122xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 122XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1965

    This 1965 Mark VI tenor sax was really played a lot and, at the same time, well taken care of: It still has its original lacquer even though worn and chipped in places, all of which serve to give this ...read more

    Price: € 7950,–

    1962’s Mark VI 97xxx US-Version

    Serial-Nr.: 97XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1962

    That this Mark VI comes from the workshops in Elkhart, Indiana, USA is easily recognized by the serial number stamped on the neck. To allay any bias against the instrument being made in the USA, it wa ...read more

    Price: € 10450,–

    SELMER Balanced Action 23xxx, gold-plated Neck

    Serial-Nr.: 23XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1937

    What a year this 1937 was! Saxophonists Archie Shepp and Joe Henderson were born and bassists Ron Carter and Charly Haden saw the first light of day.  Reggie Workman, an accompanist of John Coltrane, ...read more

    Price: € 9330,–

    SELMER Mark VI 85xxx

    Serial-Nr.: 85XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1960

    This Mark VI Tenor has already really been played quite a lot, and it is really, really good! This 1960 Mark VI Tenor Saxophone has received a general overhaul not long time ago, and it radiates a ...read more

    Price: € 10650,–

    SELMER Mark VI 911xx

    Serial-Nr.: 91XXX · Tenor
    Year of manufacture: 1960

    I’m holding a child of the 60s is in my hands right now. More precisely, this silver-plated Mark VI comes from the second half of that legendary decade. The sexual revolution, Vietnam War and the fi ...read more

    Price: € 9400,–