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    The Collection

    Find your jewel in this extensive and unique collection!

    The complete collection of *LEGENDARY SAXOPHONES* has since the beginning of 2018 been mediated exclusively by us, SAXOPHONIC – passion and profession, and comprises a wide array of instruments. The stock of this collection always fluctuates somewhat since new items are constantly coming in while others go out into the world when they find their new devotee.

    The collection includes instruments from the mid-30s to the mid-1970s.

    ⋅ SELMER Balanced Action
    ⋅ SELMER Super (Balanced) Action
    ⋅ SELMER Mark VI

    All of the instruments presently available are found *HERE*.

    Every single instrument in the collection has been thoroughly scrutinized by us, test played, described and evaluated, calibrated and, if necessary, also overhauled. We live our passion – gladly, always and for every instrument!

    We have an exclusive selection from this collection available for your appraisal here in the SAXOPHONIC – store.

    That’s the way to your legendary Saxophone.

    Your personal selection and test-playing of *LEGENDARY SAXOPHONES* is possible only after prior contact and date arrangement. We can thereby work with you in advance to clarify which instruments in the complete collection could be eligible for your consideration. And in this way we can guarantee that for your visit the appropriate instruments will also be also on hand.

    +49 (0) 28 45 2 98 98 59

    We love perfect matchmaking!