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    We = Passion²

    The Intermediary for Legendary Saxophones

    Reiner Maria Diehl, a musician since his youth. He first of all enjoyed training on the piano. Later came guitar and drums. But one instrument changed his world completely. It was when as a young adult he began playing Saxophone at 25 years of age that the magic really began to unfold. The development of an absolute enthusiasm for the Saxophone and a passion for SELMER was all but immediate. To indulge his new-found and ardent love, he travelled the world again and again to find the instrument suited to him. This already afforded him the opportunity to extensively learn to sense the individuality of countless saxophones.

    His ultimate SELMER, a silver Mark VI Alto with a gold bell from the year 1956 became his bosom companion and rapidly stimulated his Saxophone passion.

    In 2006 he turned his passion into a profession and has since then been the proprietor of the renowned Saxophone specialist shop – SAXOPHONIC – passion and profession on the Lower Rhine. He developed, according to his nature, very quickly not only into an absolute Saxophone specialist, but also into a creative artist with the master qualities of a high-caliber professional workshop for all types of repair and Saxophone overhauls. He has been authorized as a SELMER ProShop since 2010.

    Today he runs the business together with his wife Marion and a young team. If you want for yourself that is to say, for you and your Saxophone – expertise and top-service-support, and at a unique feel-good location to boot: this is just the place to submerge yourself in a refreshing Saxophone-wellness- bath.” You can find the complete SAXOPHONIC catalogue *HERE*.

    So it makes more than sense that Harry and Reiner have joined forces to harmonize their endeavors, and that Reiner, since the beginning of 2018, has assumed the honorable task of his esteemed predecessor, Armin Weis from Marburg, as the agent for *LEGENDARY SAXOPHONES*.


    Purchasers of the Legendary Saxophones

    Harry Schubkegel discovered his love for music at an early age. At the age of nine he learned to play trumpet but decided then for an instrument that changed his life. He’s been a Saxophonist now since he was eleven. His first SELMER, a Mark VI Tenor with an 82.xxx serial number, he earned doing construction work at sixteen years of age. It cost 800 DM at that time.

    In 1983 he turned his passion into a profession and in Walldorf founded the Session Music company which, up to his retirement in 2009, he made into one of Europe’s leading music stores. Since then he has dedicated himself to the Muses.

    Harry Schubkegel purchases the instruments in his collection on his travels through Europe and the United States. In this country, too, he is constantly in search of SELMER Saxophones looking for new fields of activity.


    If you have a legendary SELMER to offer or you are interested in a legendary SELMER, please feel free to contact us.

    This is how *LEGENDARY SAXOPHONES by SAXOPHONIC* of itself gives rise to passion²