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    SELMER Mark VI Soprano 197xxx, high-F#

    All exclusive COLLECTOR Items *HERE*

    NEW: Starting now, we are also offering you a sonorous online counselling via video conferencing.

    To arrange an Online Counselling appointment with us, all you have to do is call us at (+49 2845 298 98 59) or email us at service@saxophonic.de.

    More information about Online Counselling is found here.

    to *Legendary Saxophones by Saxophonic*

    You’re a SELMER fan, collector of historical instruments, ambitious saxophone player and in search of that special something?

    We are glad to be able to make available, just for you, what is the world’s largest selection of SELMER – Vintage – Saxophones.

    This passionately assembled collection joins together in a concentrated and unique way:

    ⋅   reliable instruments of special quality and lasting value
    ⋅   masterful works of French craftmanship with maturity of soul
    ⋅   experienced, elegant gentlemen & noble ladies in the charming form of saxophones
    ⋅   rare and unusual pieces from days past whose sound invokes history

    So, if you’re looking for a really unique way to enhance your joy of making music or find your own personal tone color – there are any number of possibilities waiting to be discovered here!

    Allow yourself to be inspired and even enticed by a stroll through these pages. All of the saxophones exhibited in the collection can be acquired!

    Feel yourself cordially invited to get in touch with us – even if you’re not yet sure if Legendarys are even the thing for you, you can try them out! And you’ll be ecstatic!

    Selection and playing of instruments by prior appointment only – click also *HERE*