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    Our advice is individual and we take time for you and your concerns. We are happy to take care of your wishes, intentions and the options that we can offer you. We are happy to take the time so that we can be there for you. Accompanied by a nice cappuccino at the SAXOPHONIC espresso bar. And of course our play rooms are available to you for as long as you like.

    Make an individual appointment now!

    Since 2020 appointments are only possible by arrangement on the weekdays Tuesday to Saturday. In exceptional cases also Monday and Sunday.

    We will find a solution that works best for you!

    NEW: Online Consultancy ist now also possible You can find out exactly how this works HERE.

    Perhaps you have traveled from further away and are planning several days for your stay here with us. You will find useful information for your travel planning here


    Our Consultancy Approach

    We advise you holistically and specifically so that you can find exactly the saxophone that suits you.

    She is looking for it -
    he is looking for it too
    and you can find it here at Saxophonic
    Your playing partner, your instrument.

    What do we mean by that?

    • Getting the right saxophone and player together
    • All subject-specific concerns
    • Emotional and economic aspects around the saxophone

    If you want to meet someone who has jumped into the saxophone with full passion for more than two decades, then we are the best contact for you!

    With - passion und profession - the whole SAXOPHONIC team will be there for you.

    Let your tone find you.

    We are absolutely delighted when you have found YOUR saxophone and YOUR solution. When you reach the point that you feel, this is YOUR saxophone, this is your playing partner.

    This is exactly what we are doing with all our hearts and our full passion!