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  • Beautiful 1979 Soprano Saxophone SELMER Mark VI, gold lacquer with engraving, high F#, 299xxx

    This SELMER Mark VI Soprano Saxophone is really in exceptionally good condition! The optical condition is almost flawless (only through painstaking inspection was I able to discover a tiny scratch between the thumb hook and the side F# pusher!). This Mark VI Soprano was built in 1979, and if you’re wondering why it’s a Mark VI, a series that according to SELMER’s serial number list was only built until 1974, our answer is: the successor to the Mark VI was the Mark VII which was built only as Alto and Tenor Saxophones (there were also a few prototypes of the Mark VII Baritone Saxophone). The Soprano Saxophones continued to be built as Mark VI until the release of Super Action 80 in the early 1980s.

    As for its technical state, this beautiful Mark VI Soprano Sax is also flawless in that regard subsequent to its recent overhaul (black kangaroo pads with plastic resonators were used).

    Not only does it look beautiful, it sings beautifully too! The difficult to describe Mark VI Soprano sound is unquestionably also evident in this almost new Mark VI. And in addition, a beautiful timbre is interwoven into it, and its overall resonance is somewhat dark.

    A really beautiful SELMER Mark VI Soprano Saxophone! And it is also suitable for lovers of Classical Saxophone Music.

    You are cordially invited to visit us and compare this Mark VI Soprano with other Mark VI Sopranos from our rich offer. We usually have 5-10 Mark VI Soprano Saxophones in stock.

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