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  • 1957 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Mark VI with engraving, 70xxx

    I am asked again and again whether this or that SELMER Saxophone still has the original lacquer or whether it has been relacquered. There are some Vintage SELMER Saxophones where it is difficult to say whether the lacquer is still the original or whether it was relacquered, e.g., at SELMER in Mantes la Ville or Elkhard, Indiana, USA, whatever the reason. In the latter case, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to give a 100% correct answer, because the lacquer is the same as that used by SELMER for the original lacquering, and the preparatory and lacquering work, of course, also meets SELMER factory quality standards. Even today, the Saxophones at SELMER are relacquered with hardly a quality flaw, and I don’t see any difference!

    Why am I writing this? With this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, which was manufactured in 1957, I am 98% sure that the lacquer is the original that was applied by SELMER. Nicely darkened over the decades, the lacquer is still quite well intact; there are abrasion points here and there, but all in all I would say that the lacquer is still 85-90% on hand.

    The expansive, hand-engraved gravure (also original) on the bell extends down to the bend and confers this SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone something visually top-class!

    When this Sax came to us a short time ago, it was not playable because it had been lying in a stuffy rehearsal room for years. It was played professionally for decades until its owner died a few years ago. He bequeathed the Saxophone to his faithful companion, the drummer of his bands (he had 2 bands). The drummer is now over 70 years old, of retirement age so to speak, and has sold all his instruments and music equipment. That is how this beautiful SELMER Mark VI found its way to Legendary Saxophones. We’ve just finished overhauling it (SAXOPHONIC Premium Overhaul with CHANU pads and inox metal resonators without rivets) and it’s just wonderful!

    It is a Mark VI Tenor that veritably sings. Its tone is endowed with so much warmth that when I play, it literally asks me to play beautiful, expressive Jazz ballads to do justice to its warm, soft charisma!

    But if you think it’s just a softy, far from it, because it also has bite when you call it out! Other genres are no problem for this Mark VI. Apart from the tonal demands of classically played Saxophone, I can’t imagine a musical genre that wouldn’t comply with this beautiful SELMER Tenor Sax. And as is so often the case, the limit lies with the game partner!



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