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  • 1971 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, US version, 2nd Hand, Player’s Horn – Frank Roberscheuten – 201xxx

    We received this SELMER Mark VI with a verifiable history from Frank Roberscheuten, who has been awarded the “Keeper of the Flame” jazz prize for his commitment to traditional jazz and is internationally renowned.

    Frank bought this 1971 Mark VI tenor saxophone from its original owner in Ohio a few years ago when he was touring the USA and looking for a backup saxophone. Since then, Frank has played this Mark VI as a second instrument alongside his SELMER Super Balanced Action.

    As he now has found a beautiful SELMER SBA at Saxophonic he traded his Mark VI in.

    On the video Frank plays this saxophone in its original condition. It still has the original pads, which can be seen by the fact that the edges of the leather are covered with a layer of clear varnish. When the Mark VI was assembled at the SELMER USA factory, saxophones were assembled after lacquering and engraving, and then a fine layer of lacquer was applied with the keys closed.

    Despite the impressive age of the pads, the Mark VI is still quite good to play, as you can hear in the video. In order to ensure that it plays very well, we have decided to give this beautiful Mark VI a SAXOPHONIC general overhaul (currently in progress, completion end of June/beginning of July 2024).

    The horn is in wonderful condition: 99% of the lacquer is still in perfect condition, there are only a few spots of corrosion on the engraving. Of course there are minor scratches here and there, but that just shows that this saxophone has been played. The neck is still in perfect condition, although the varnish is not completely intact. The body, knee and bell are also in perfect condition. The saxophone seems to have escaped major damage so far!

    Conclusion: a beautiful SELMER Mark VI in US finish with a traceable history, untouched condition and a wonderful sound!
    Swing it!

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