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    Professional or Amateur?

    Are Mark VI Saxophones only suitable for professionals?

    Our answer is a resounding: No, by no means!

    Many professional Saxophonists have good reasons for playing old SELMER Saxophones. That’s just the way it is. From our point of view, however, there is no restriction on who should play these instruments.

    Experience has shown us that selection of the “right” Saxophone generally does not ensue according to planned rules, rather, it often happens quite intuitively. With a wink, we can even say that “the Saxophone chooses its player….”

    When in trying the different Saxophones out you discover that one of the “Legendary Saxophones” – like, for instance, a Mark VI, Super (Balanced) Action or Balanced Action – is really “your” instrument, you will clearly feel the affinity – no matter whether the Saxophone sounds just like you want it to sound, or you have the feeling that you’re suddenly playing much better. Or that it takes you on a trip into previously unknown terrain or motivates you to boldly press forward. The reasons don’t even really matter anyway, because when a Saxophone calls out to you and the two of you find yourselves in harmonious unity, you are naturally quite happy to play it accordingly.

    Each human-being has his or her own root tone and every Saxophone its own particular sonority. When mutual attractions merge because both player and instrument resonate perfectly with one another, so to say vibrate at a common harmonious frequency, it can be heard and felt by all participants as well as by the world.

    And this holds equally for all Saxophone players, whether their playing is at a professional level or in the area of leisure and development of personal expression.