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    Interesting Facts

    Value Development

    How does the value of an “old” Selmer Saxophone develop?

    SELMER Saxophones have throughout their history always proven themselves to be good investments. In the vast majority of cases the former owner achieves a selling price that is often markedly higher than the original purchase price.

    This trend is seen in no other brand – it is a SELMER phenomenon. Whether or not this development will continue, nobody can say with one-hundred percent certainty. Nonetheless, empirical values drawn from both history and contemporary developments speak clearly in its favor.

    Whether Balanced Action, Super (Balanced) Action or Mark VI, price development has for years been moving in one direction only: uphill! Compared to the USA where in the meantime $20,000 or $30,000 is no longer uncommon for good exemplars from this line of models, we here in Europe still have a fair, albeit steadily increasing, price level.

    Saxophones in the Balanced Action and Super (Balanced) Action series have clearly increased in value in recent years, and have approached the Mark VI price level, and exhibit a tendency to surpass it.

    But whether trade-in value or investment, one way or the other, your money is well invested when you fulfill your dream of your own personal Legendary Saxophone.