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  • 1931 SELMER Alto Saxophone Super Sax, a “real” Cigar Cutter, without lacquer, 14xxx

    Even though our main inventory includes the SELMER Balanced Action (BA), Super Action (SBA) and Mark VI models, we still have other vintage SELMER Saxophones in our portfolio from time to time.

    This is also the case with this SELMER Super Sax, built in 1931. It is a “real” cigar cutter. What do I mean by “real”? The Cigar Cutter got its name for its specially designed octave mechanics, which is reminiscent of a cigar cutter. But not all SELMER Saxophones of the SELMER Super Sax series (SSS), which were used before series no. 19xxx, have this cigar cutter octave mechanism. The U.S. export models, for example, did not possess these conspicuous mechanics.

    Be that as it may, this 14xxx SELMER Super Sax has the cigar cutter octave mechanism and is therefore a “real” cigar cutter.

    The Saxophone was overhauled not so long ago, all pads cover perfectly and the Alto can be played easily. Major damage or repairs carried out in the past are not recognizable, however, the lacquer is all gone. If any soldering or dent-removal work has been done, it was carried out so expertly that it is no longer recognizable. The Sax is clearly still in really good shape and is “ready to play!”

    Feel free to contact us for a test appointment or order it via our Online Shop. Like all our Saxophones, this one too can be shipped worldwide with a 14-day return guarantee and refund of the purchase price.



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    SELMER Super Sax – Cigar Cutter




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