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  • 1966 SLEMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone with engraving, 133xxx

    That this Mark VI Alto Saxophone is already 56-years-old is nowhere evident because its condition is still really good: neck, body and bell have maintained their original form. This Alto was clearly always treated well. Its lacquer is still for the most part intact. On the lower area of the bow around the thumb rest and on the rear of the body are spots without lacquer, but on the whole, the lacquer is still up to ca. 90% intact.

    The Saxophone was overhauled not too long ago. Pads with metal resonators were used. While not new, the pads are nonetheless as good as new, and with proper care will continue serving their purpose for years to come.

    Sound-wise, this beautiful Mark VI Alto Saxophone enthralled me with its rather dark timbre and respectable radiant power. The lower register is respectably gutsy, a quality somewhat typical of Long Bow Mark VI Altos – they tend to sound somewhat tenorish down low.

    Maybe you’ll become its next playmate … who knows…

    Please feel free to get in touch for an appointment and try it out in our rooms. we look forward to your visit. Or if you prefer to test it in your own rooms just order it from our online shop.



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