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  • 1947 Tenor Saxophone SELMER Super Action (SBA), silver-plated and super marvelous condition, 35xxx

    This SELMER Super Balanced Action (or Super Action as the official name of SELMER is) is a beautiful piece of silver! Beautiful, because the original silvering is still almost completely preserved and was polished very accurately during the general overhaul!

    The proud charisma exuded by this SELMER SBA Tenor Sax built in 1947 in Mantes la Ville in the SELMER manufactory is not only visual, its noble pride can also be heard and felt in every note! The colleagues who overhauled it used pads without resonators. Exclusively equipped with rivets, the tones still radiate smoothly out of it. When played with strength, a strong portion of overtones develops without drifting into sharpness. The soft, warm sonic kernel of this SELMER SBA retains its basic character whether played loosely-gently or played with powerful strength.

    A veritable feast for ears and eyes is what this SELMER Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone is. Maybe your personal style of playing will augment its strength and turn the two of you into a dream team….

    Feel free to try it out: Stop by and compare it with other beautiful Tenors from our stable, or order it through our Online Shop and test it at home. We’re looking forward to meeting you!



    Tenor Saxophone






    Super Action (SBA)


    silver plated


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