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  • 1961 SELMER Mark VI Tenor Saxophone from first ownership! Beautiful dark original finish, SAXOPHONIC general overhaul, 96xxx

    SELMER Mark VI tenor saxophones in such a good condition are becoming increasingly rare, and when they come from a first owner, it is an extremely rare stroke of luck. And that is exactly what this 1961 SELMER Mark VI tenor saxophone is. We acquired it from the nephew of the first owner and have just completely overhauled it (SAXOPHONIC premium general overhaul) so that it is now technically in perfect condition.

    A stroke of luck, yes, it certainly is, because the (very probable) original lacquer is still quite well preserved. On the inside (left side) the varnish is quite worn, presumably the owner often played sitting down, but on the outside the varnish is still very good and has darkened nicely over the decades.

    At 63 years, this Mark VI tenor saxophone is by no means “physically” frail: the bow is still in really good shape and doesn’t appear to have suffered any serious accidents, and body, bell and neck are still in perfect condition – all this underlining the fact that the first owner treated this SELMER Mark VI well.

    But even such a beautiful Mark VI wants to be played and it also has a good sound: a beautiful, proud presence resonates in every note, the tone color is rather dark and thanks to the CHANU pads used with stainless steel metal resonators without rivets, it develops a lot of radiance when played more powerfully and with the appropriate embouchure.

    If this SELMER Mark VI tenor saxophone appeals to you, come and try it out and compare it with other tenors from our large SELMER Mark VI stock.

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