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  • 1964 SELMER Mark VI Alto Saxophone, 119xxx

    Here again we have a fine Mark VI Alto, one that left the SELMER factory floor following the 1964 summer break.

    The – apparently – still original lacquering has become partially flaky in the course of decades and even worn-off at a few spots. For assessing the sound, it is not decisive whether a Saxophone looks perfect and is flawless, or that signs of its having been played a lot over the years are visible. We have nonetheless often noticed that many Saxophones sound like they look. This Mark VI Alto Sax has been nicely unlocked, sounds open and warm and is naturally characterized by the homogeneity for which Mark VI is known.

    This Alto has been overhauled and its technical condition is superb. More a Sax for Jazz or Funk rather than a Saxophone for Classical music…. But of course, this is only my own personal opinion. I wonder which sounds you can coax out of it. Maybe it’ll even be a completely different style direction.

    Feel free to make an appointment with us to compare this and some other Mark VI, BA or SBA from our huge Legendary Saxophones collection.  We are looking forward to your visit!



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