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  • 1945 SELMER Balanced Action Alto Saxophone, silver-plated with engraving, 32xxx

    Oh, Happy day! I’m again holding in my hands a beautiful Alto Saxophone of the Balanced Action series. Completely silver, it was built in 1945. The War is over, the world heaves a sigh of relief. The time for this fantastic Saxophone has arrived. And a fresh wind can now course through these silver-plated pipes of brass to generate warm and charming sounds of crystal clarity that leave their unforgettable trace in the ether.

    This experienced Horn communicates countless years of musical engagement, it has a message to convey, an essence that is immediately palpable. One is called to give ear to the tales safeguarded in its depths and longing to be told. Stories of post-War Jazz, the Bebop era, tales of a Charly Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Cadences are undergoing remarkable expansion, something new has entered the World of Jazz. It is becoming more modern, variegated and extravagant. A Sax is needed to reflect the times, one with good intonation and clarity of sound. An immediate response is also the order of the day, and this instrument offers it all to the player. Its radiant power is impressive and evidences a personal history of playing, that is to say, experience and wisdom are paired here in exemplary fashion. Of special note is the good intonation innate in this Balanced Action, a true joy for every type of player. Oh, and yes, the new epoch was characterized by fast tempos and – lo and behold – this Alto Sax too is a child of the times: brisk runs are mastered with an ease that makes playing a never-ending merry-go-round.

    Of special note is also the wonderful and well-preserved gravure; the Bakelite key buttons, too, make this exquisite Saxophone a real head-turner. A fine piece to look at, one whose signs of age are in fact an unmitigated badge of honor.

    BTW: After playing it for a long time, I didn’t want to put this Saxophone down. The clarity of tone, the enchanting sound, the good intonation – all point to a reliable partner that we all know is hard to find. So, a visit to our Shop will surely prove to be a joy for whoever is looking for a companion like the one just described.



    Alto Saxophone




    Balanced Action (BA)


    silver plated




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